About Us

Geeta Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd an ISO 9001 company located at the outskirts of Mumbai, has successfully installed its equipments on more than 250 ships in India and abroad. The zeal to recognize problems of the market and to work out new ideas made it possible for Geeta Engineering to earn trust and confidence of shipbuilders in their products and services.

The company was established in the early 60’s as a diesel engine ancillary, under the leadership to a young dynamic engineer – J.C. Nangia. Realising the great gap in the industry on indigenous marine equipment, he launched an ambitious customer oriented program by setting up a factory, in latter 60’s, in the industrial complex at Thane, Mumbai

Production began with the manufacture of propellers, but the rapid growth of the market, called for the manufacture of wide range of more sophisticated products which, until then, were being imported. This led GEETA to enter into collaboration with leading European marine equipment manufacturers.


GEETA’s Design and Development meets the growing demand for sophisticated machinery by assisting customers, in the development of equipment for specific requirements. The most vital activity is to serve the shipping industry more and more sufficiently.

The Design and development division is staffed by technically qualified and experienced engineers, who provide the necessary technological resources. Right from the drawing board design of the equipment down to the assembly, the production phase is followed by through testing of the prototypes and constant checking on the feasibility of the design improvement.


GEETA Engineering Works Ltd Pvt. has entered the field as an important supplier of offshore equipment. Important items manufactured by GEETA are Controllable Pitch Propellers, 80 ton Anchor Handling Towing Winches, and Air Tugger Winches for diving built for the first time in the country for offshore Supply Vessels. We have also developed all the capabilities for offshore Support Services/Logistics.

We produce several products for naval and maritime application too. Quality manufacturing procedures combined with years of metallurgical expertise help position GEWL as the “Non Ferrous specialists”. From standard castings to complex contoured shapes, single alloys to complex alloys, i.e. Ni. Al.Br castings, GEWL operating under a comprehensive quality assurance program, features.

The Company has been working in association with many international companies located in South East Asia, Western Europe and CIS especially Russia and Ukraine, to manufacture marine engineering equipment in India resulting in indigenization of many equipment and saving of valuable foreign currency for our clients.